Dear IITAGH Member,
We are reaching out to you today to ask for your support as we continue to grow our alumni association. As the size and frequency of our events has grown, we find ourselves looking at sustainable funding models for the future and have decided to reach out to you to donate to the organization. You may ask, why donate to IITAGH & why now?


As you know, IITAGH is a 501(c)3 organization. Today we have over 1200 members in our mailing list. Our member list continues to grow as we Connect and Develop our members and Giveback to our local community.

IITAGH has successfully continued the momentum which we gained during IIT 2013 Global conference. Witty Bhindra, PANIIT US President highlighted IITAGH as one of the most active chapters in US, in his speech at the recent IIT – Leadership Conference in Rhode Island.

In 2016, IITAGH has brought to you opportunities to meet and learn from industry leaders and also have fun with friends and family at various settings. Executives from GE, IBM, Microsoft, Halliburton, BP, Deliotte, Infosys, Limerock Partners, Intervale Capital, Data Scientist from Hortonworks have participated in IITAGH events which have also offered  a platform to meet with executives from India and diplomats.


We continue planning and working towards bringing other industry leaders not just from Texas but from out of state as well. IITAGH is actively working through various partnerships and event sponsors to make this possible for you. At all these events, IITAGH charges a minimal amount to the participants. Thanks to the generosity of our 6 trustees IITAGH has been able to fund its operations in the past. As ambitions to increase the IITAGH brand within our community grow, we will need additional funds to run our operations.


Towards this end, we are now reaching out to you to donate to IITAGH. The donation amount will be used towards planning and executing events along the pillars of Connect, Develop and Giveback.


We have added a donate tab on our on our website. We have 4 options for recurring monthly donation – $25, $50, $75 and $100 and look forward to your support for IITAGH. Your contributions will be eligible for tax deductions.


We appreciate your time, donation and participation at various events.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us




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