Out of the Box Mentoring / Professional Development Seminar

Out of the Box Mentoring / Professional Development Seminar

Date/Time : 03/31/2012 / 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Location : India House

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Out of the Box Mentoring / Professional Development Seminar


Social networking (read: mentoring) is a prerequisite for sustainable professional success and job satisfaction. The out-of-the-box networking workshop revisits this hypothesis starting with its spiritual underpinnings. Vedantic principals emphasize the personal responsibility we bear and opportunities we share to sharpen the proverbial saw of our judgment through social networking. These spiritual concepts drawn from the Bhagavad-Gita reaffirm the strategic relevance of living in consultation with honesty, humility and transparency.


This open source approach to fostering our professional growth based on increased engagement, sharing and openness also helps the mentor transition from a go-getter to a go-giver. In a recent IITAGH presentation, Dr. G.P Singh introduced the concept that we grow at the rate of what we know raised to the power of who we know. Underlying his message was a call to be more proactive in getting involved in the community at large through volunteering time for service projects. During the open discussion we will hear panelists and participants describe real world examples that support “level 2” social networking as a key ingredient to sustainable professional growth


While professional networking helps opportunistically develop business connections and explore new synergistic potential, social networking can be a campaign for one’s personal growth through regular self-auditing, open examination of the status quo and inventorying assumptions. A 30 minute power point supported talk will followed by a 30 minute discussion to share common assumptions and experiences about professional stress, managing realistic professional goals (v. dreamy expectations)  and tools to creating a more balanced life.



Vinod Sharma received a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IITM in 1985 followed by an MS from UH and Executive MBA from UT Austin. Over the past 25 years his consulting practice has involved design analysis, testing and reliability improvement.  He has performed several performance evaluations and failure root cause analyses in a variety of applications including at manufacturing facilities, domestic and international power plants, refineries, petrochemical plants, oil and gas onshore and offshore pipelines, marine vessels, and commercial and residential buildings.  These assessments examined decisions made at various stages of products’ life cycle in the context of liability, product recall, construction delay, economic and market due diligence, technology assessment, business process improvement, and intellectual property. He is currently a senior manager at Exponent Inc. (NASDAQ:EXPO) and was formerly Senior Consultant and Director of Business Development at Kalsi Engineering, Inc.