Career Insights with a Focus on the E&P Industry

News5-1Written by Puneet Agarwal

“Career progression is like an S-curve, where x-axis is time and y-axis is financial rewards; E&P Industry has a better Y intercept than most industries and an earlier first inflection point hence an earlier trajectory upwards,” explained Sunil Pangarkar at the mentoring event hosted by IITAGH during breakfast on October 30, 2014. The event was held at the La Madeleine Café on Westheimer and Beltway 8.

The event title “Career Insights in the E&P Industry” could not have been more appropriate, as the mentor Sunil, joined by a few other accomplished professionals, provided deep insights from their successful professional journeys.  Sunil educated participants on how to find out “what you want” and gave useful self-evaluation exercises to the participants.

The importance of being visible and knowing the right people, both at and outside workplace, was highlighted by Witty Bindra, CEO of Goldshire, and Sundy Srinivasan, a thirty-year veteran of the industry. “You must believe in yourself,” emphasized Ramesh Maini, founder and CEO of Zentech, who was also in attendance.

News5-2To keep a small group feel, this sold out event was open to 10 participants that included not only young professionals but also a few in the middle or advanced stages of their careers. The format of the event encouraged direct question-answer between limited number of participants and the mentor. “How did you feel when you left the stability of the current job and embarked on a new path?” was a very relevant question asked by Sara Kaur, a participant. All participants found this mentoring event to be very exciting and useful, and most were asking when would be the next one!

For information on upcoming events, please check upcoming events at  There will be a Career Insights with a focus on the Management Consulting Industry that will be held in February 2015. Stay tuned for more.