Clements High School Students Introduced to “A Day of Coding”

As the thirty high school students walked into class on a Saturday morning, they weren’t thinking about the coding lesson they were walking into, but rather, the amount of candy they had collected the night before on Halloween.

They had to quickly change their focus and get ready for the morning class organized jointly by the IIT Alumni of Greater Houston (IITAGH) and the Global Studies Academy (GSA) at Clements High School.  The class titled “A Day of Coding” was created to allow students with no coding experience to learn the basics of HTML and JavaScript, and have a functional website deployed on the internet by the end of the class.

“Anand Chauhan expertly broke down the various steps to basic programming and provided the students with comprehensible input and theory to better grasp the scope and potential of computer science and coding,” said Anne Beckman, Academy Coordinator at Fort Bend ISD.


“The fact that you yourself were coding and were able to see your results in the end was the best part of the workshop as it gave me a very satisfying feeling,” commented one of the students at the end of the class.  The students first got an overview of computers and the internet before getting into the details of programing.  “There is a difference between the internet and the world wide web,” explained Anand Chauhan, as he paced the students through the basics of coding.

All the students felt comfortable with some level of coding in HTML and had created webpages with colored backgrounds, links, various fonts, and formatted tables.  “We are looking forward to hosting a spring session with more students and introducing advanced concepts,” shared Pratish Kanani, President of IITAGH.  Anne commented that “Sparking interest in young minds and providing them the gateway to success is a shared mission between the Academy and IITAGH.”

The students also got to see a short video of various influential people instructing them to learn coding, include Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and President Obama.

Anand Chauhan (sitting on the chair), the course instructor, surrounded by Anne Beckman, Pratish Kanani, and the “Day of Coding” students at Clements High School.


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